1. During the show ‘1984: the survival drama’ taking place in the territory of and inside the Soviet bunker in Naujasodes village in the region of Vilnius (later in this document referred to as the Show) Visitors-participants (later in this document referred to as Participants) become citizens of the USSR.
2. Participants will receive instructions and orders which must be carried out without objection.
3. In case of disobedience participants may receive psychological or/and physical punishments and may be excluded from the Show
4. Participants confirm that their health allows them to be in closed venues and conduct physical exercise without precautions. They take full responsibility of participating in the show and do it at their own risk.
5. Participants confirm that they are not under influence of alcohol or drugs.
6. Participants take full responsibility for their own belongings.
7. If Participants are expelled or leave the Show on their own will, there is no return of the money paid for the Show.
8. The Show starts from the moment when Participants sign this confirmation and enter the Bunker territory.